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Careers & Professional Development 

Is your institution ready to start deliberately preparing graduate students for a range of careers? I have over ten years of experience working on major initiatives in graduate student professional development. Let's connect and talk about your students' needs.

Example: Connected Academics at the Modern Language Association

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Humanities Curriculum (Re)Design

Curricular change is how real reform happens at a university, but it can be quite hard to achieve. Is your department or program ready but struggling to make the jump from talk to action? Let's chat about how to engage your faculty and students in the work of curricular change.

Example: Doctoral Curriculum Enhancement Grants at CUNY

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The Public & Academic Humanities

Do you believe that scholarship can change the world? Are your students eager to put their scholarship and training to work for the good of their public(s)? I have five years of experience working with students and faculty to develop public scholarship and community-based research.

Example: Mellon Public Humanities Fellows at CUNY

How We Might Partner

My superpowers are connecting the right people with each other and building bridges between large, philosophical questions and concrete, actionable steps for change. I have led two major graduate education initiatives, both funded by the Mellon Foundation, first at the Modern Language Association and later at the CUNY Graduate Center. I am deeply networked in the world of graduate education, and when you work with me, my network becomes your network. You will also gain a wealth of knowledge about what has already been tried, what has worked, and where there is room to innovate. In addition to the topics above, I'm also available for administrative coaching and to speak with faculty committees. 

Let's set up a time to talk through what you're looking for and how we might work together.